Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | January 20, 2008

Almost There

The day of departure (February the 8th) looms closer and I’m gradually getting the essential aspects of my trip finalized. I filled out a mountain of paperwork in order to apply for my various visas. This generally should not be a mountainous task for anyone but I found the whole process so monotonous, I kept putting my date of birth where my name should be. Three Iranian visa application forms later and I finally nailed it. The vaccination shots were a breeze. Rabies, Polio, Tetanus, Hepatitis, and Typhoid all in one go. The doctor reckons I’ll be pretty much bullet proof (not literally, but vaccination wise) up untill the year 2033. I can’t wait to pet a stray dog in Pakistan or shave with a rusty blade in Nepal.

Leafing through the terms and conditions on my “Grade 2” travel insurance I was shocked to discover that I was covered for horse riding, but not show jumping or polo. Not only that but parasailing over dry land, and professional hurling was also out. There goes my dream of parasailing over Bangkok on horses while playing a professional form of hybrid hurling-polo.

With all the boring stuff like visas, medicine, and insurance being sorted I can focus more on the important things like filling my iPod with music and learning how to sleep on a packed bus. I have been practising daily on the 46A. Every morning I board the bus with a rucksack full of bricks and try to catch some shut eye on the 3 hour journey from Dun Laoghaire to Stephen’s Green.

One of the last things I need to do is to book my return flight from Sydney to Dublin. This isn’t as simple a it sounds. Twice I’ve flown to Australia and twice I’ve been sitting next to a child that literally cried all the way home. It was the only time I considered taking rohypnol after a flight. So if anybody knows of a very empty plane departing Sydney to Dublin sometime around mid May please let me know.


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