Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | January 27, 2008

3 Things I’ll Miss & 3 Things I Won’t Miss

What I’ll miss…

*Not including obvious things like, girlfriend, family, or friends.

Coffee: Usually about four a day.

Bed: I think it’s about my most favorite place on earth.

iMac: This thing does most of my thinking for me. I’ll certainly miss the other half of my brain.

What I won’t miss…

Irish politicians: They just suck.

Grey skies: Those very common dull Irish winters that never end.

“Convenience” Food:: There’s better food on offer in the joy.


  1. I’m very jealous, your all just starting your trip and you all must be very excited. My trip is now over, I was on Ozbus1 that left in September. I’m now back in the UK.
    I wish you and all the travellers on your bus the best of luck, there are going to be times when you ask yourself why the hell your doing this, most of our bus did at one time or another. When you get to Sydney you’ll be able to look back at the best times and the worst and laugh.
    It truly is the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy it all, even the bad bits.


    ps. Kim is a rock, you couldn’t get a better driver.

  2. Hay Richard,
    Thanks for the mail. Currently in Prague and will be here for the next few days. We could all do with the rest. Looking forward to sleeping tomorrow morning! Yeah Kim is our driver!


  3. Hi there! Good to read your blogs as my sis(Anna) is on the bus and is an email novice!! Steep learning curve for a techno dinosaur!! But she’s definitely improving!! Happy travelling!!

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