Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | February 8, 2008

Day 001 – Dublin to Galway to Dublin

Day one was kinda strange. I awoke this morning at 04:30 in a Galway city hostel to the sound of some local revelers singing James Blunt’s “Beautiful”. Waking up that early didn’t bother me, but hearing a really awful song being sung terribly badly didn’t fill me full of joy. The day could only get better and thankfully it did…

At 10:00 I and my fellow ozbussers made our way down to Eyre Square, only to be greeted by a flurry of reporters, photographers, journalists, and some big geezer in a massive gold chain. This turned out to be the Mayor of Galway who himself was a bus driver. The irony was not lost on the reporters who asked the same bus related questions over and over. I got bored and started making up random answers, stating that Hollyhead and Dover where going to be my favorite parts of the trip. An hour later we pulled out of Galway city and headed for the perpetual traffic jab that is Dublin.

Kim (the Ozbus driver) did an amazing job of navigating the narrow Dublin streets and safley getting us to the next destination; the Guinness brewery. As we pulled up to St’ James’s gate we were met by another gaggle of media people, who were lead by a PR guy who was the spitting image of the baddie in Superman 4. A phone was thrown to me and I was ordered by Nuclear Man to talk to the guy at the other end. I had a great chat with this person though the conversation ended abruptly when I stated that it was going to be a “fucking great trip”. I think I might have been on live radio.

A few hours later as we checked into the hostel I was struck by a another sense of irony. I’m a tourist in my own city. I feel like I should buy a tweed jumper, buy an Enya CD, or travel around the city in an open top bus wondering when the rain will stop. To be honest I’m not going to do any of those things. I’m doing what most tourists are doing right now and that’s sitting in a Internet cafe drinking coffee.

Tomorrow morning we set off for London to where we pick up the remaining 35 passengers. If everything goes to plan we’ll be in Belgium by Monday (I think). On Tuesday evening I’ll be speaking to George Hook on Newstalk 106, so be sure to listen in. S

Galway Day 001


  1. Hey there,

    I was on the first Ozbus and will be reading your blog to see the true story of this trip. Out of curiosity is your bus driver, Kim the same driver we had? A female New Zealander?

  2. Hay Sarah,

    Nice to hear from you. Yeah Kim is the driver alright.

  3. Hey Sher,
    Sounds like you got off to an interesting start;p Looking forward to reading more ………take care, ttys Crystal

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