Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | February 13, 2008

Dublin to London

So we finally made it out of Ireland. Strangely, ferry crossing from Dublin port to Hollyhead was not the highlight of the trip so far. Dublin to London the old fashioned way. It kinda reminded me of the bad old days of the 1980’s when air fares were too expensive and half of the country immigrated to the UK, took the 9 hour ferry / bus journey, and weren’t seen for years. Pints of lager, packets of crisps, blokes in soccer jerseys, fruit machines, grannies and kids all over the place. Not much has changed.

As soon as we pulled I could feel the journey had begun. Galway and Dublin were a distant memory. Now we were rolling through the lush hills and valleys of Wales. Two hours into the trip and engine had started to overheat badly. We had to pull in. Fortunately we were right outside a Little Chef. Two coffees and a BLT later we were back on the road again but in no time, the engine temperature was back in the red. The Ozbus tour leaders decided to abandon the bus in favour of a big red Virgin train. We hopped on at Chester. Two hours later the lights suddenly went out and the train slowly grinded to a halt. Pitch black we gathered out belongings, disembarked, jumped in a cab and finally made it to the London hostel.

I promised myself that I’d sample the local cuisine in each city. So me and a few lads headed out for a kebab in Hammersmith. Quality!

Ferry to Hollyhead

Ferry to Hollyhead


  1. I’ll be keeping a look at your blog, sounds great! over heating on your second day though!

  2. Hey Shero, another good showing on George Hook, ya were actually better than the regular travel stuff that followed, better hope buses, trains etc keep on breakin down!

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