Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | February 18, 2008

7 countries in 7 days

The past week has been one of the most intense weeks of my life. I’ve wanted to write a few more posts but simply haven’t had the time. Seven countries in seven days. So many new faces, confusing languages, and strange places. I find it hard to take it all in. Goulash in Budapest, opera in Vienna, Snitchel in Germany, break-dancing in Prague, and a kebab in London. In Austria I was asked if I wanted sugar with my coffee. I answered “Si, oui, yeah… I mean Ja”. Only three different languages before I got it right. At a Romanian ATM I withdrew a million of their currency. The ATM took ages to count the money, and for the first time in my life I couldn’t close my wallet. Last Wednesday I woke up in a hostel wondering which country I was in. The weather outside suggested it was Ukraine but the strange currency in my pocket reminded me I was in the Czech Republic.

To be honest I’m having a ball. My fellow travellers all seem to be extremely friendly. The only thing better than arriving at a new city is breaking my arse laughing with the others on the bus, while recounting some random event which happened the night before. The drivers Kim and Rocket are as cool as… And Colin our tour leader is a super nice bloke.

Yesterday we left Budapest at 9AM. Travelling through the Hungarian countryside heading east towards Romania, we pass through flat even landscapes. Rural life replaces the big iconic cities as the familiarity of modern Europe leaves us. Low lying green green fields, small tin roofed out houses, and narrow meandering roads lead us to the Romanian border. Life here takes on a completely different feel. This part of Europe seems substantially colder, economically less developed, and in terms of infrastructure; far more weathered, bulkier, and less refined. The people here are open, friendly, and very straight forward. And that’s the part I like the most. I love the fact that’s it’s so much more different then western Europe. This is why I came on this trip.

Click here to see where we’ve been so far. Tomorrow we head for Bucharest, then onto Bulgaria, and by Thursday we’ll be in Istanbul.


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