Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | March 8, 2008


Well as I’m sure most of you know, we’ve already been through Turkey. In fact we left Turkey almost a week ago. So apologies for not updating my blog. To be honest I’ve been far too busy enjoying myself to put pen to paper. Also the ten day, 5000 kilometre journey across the breath of Europe really knocked me out. By the time we reached Istanbul all I wanted to do was chill, have a Turkish bath and eat a few kebabs.

Istanbul (by the way) was amazing. The day we arrived there we were met by crazy rush hour traffic. Some of the locals stared at us in disbelief as Rocket (our driver) invigilated the bus in and out of tiny cobble stoned side streets, around tight corners, and up the narrowest of car laden alley ways. The engine groaned as guys in white vans beeped their horns and frustrated drivers behind us sat impatiently gripping their steering wheels. Slowly we pressed on through the city past, cafes, mosques, and carpet shops. Finally we pulled up outside our hostel. As soon as I could, I disembarked, dumped my bags, sat down and ordered some tea. The call to prayer started belting out of the nearby blue mosque. In the distance I could hear another call. Maybe in compitition with the first one. These strange sounds seemed to intertwine, bounce, and echo off of every stone wall, street and roof in the city. As the sun lay low glistening in the blue sky it produced an amazing effect. I realised I had finally arrived in the east.

I could very easily write a comprehensive, detailed, formal account of the time I spent in Turkey. But (you) the reader would probably become extremely bored and never visit this site again. But I will suggest that you take a look at some of these which photos I took during my ten day visit. They explain far better than I ever could.


For your convienve I have listed a top 10 highlights of Turkey.


Istanbul – It’s just bloody great place.

Turkish Baths – You’ll never again feel so clean.

Turkish People – Overall very friendly, interesting and nice.

Food– Kebab heaven (not the Abrakebabra type).

Wet Shaves – Closer than Gillette Mach 3 and probably cheaper.

Gallipoli – Stunningly beautiful and unforgettable.



Ballooning over the snow capped Capadoccian mountain range – No explanation needed.



Scenery– Sit back and let it unfold. Definitely nicer than Longford or Hackney.



Weather – Snow and blistering sunshine in the same day.



Turkey – The fact that it’s not Spain, Portugal or Greece.



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